Pharmacochemistry Laboratory
Research Group
Synthesis and Isolation of Bioactive Compounds (SIBC)
Main research Lines
a) Synthesis of Isoquinolines and Indenopyridines with Dopaminergic Activity.
b) Antitumor Acetogenins and Natural Insecticides.
c) Industrial Research: Synthesis and Isolation of New Bioactive Molecules.
Team Presentation
Almudena, Diego, Nuria, Javier, Abraham & Laura
(Burjassot Laboratory – February 2012)

In the beginning, our research group worked on finding new bioactive molecules from natural sources and by organic synthesis. In some cases, the structures of new active secondary metabolites (ASM), isolated from tropical plants, enabled us to design synthetic approaches for the purpose of obtaining new molecules with interesting and more selective pharmacological activities. In other cases, we focused on the structure-activity relationship of active molecules against a specific target.

Our research has been funded by several projects from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, the Regional Valencian Ministry of Culture and Pharmaceutical Companies.

In recent years, we have conducted research lines that focus on three areas.

Xavier, Diego, Laura, Abraham & Javier
(Burjassot Laboratory – May 2012)