Departamento de Farmacología

Avda. Vicent Andrés Estellés s/n; 46100 Burjassot, Valencia, España

(34) 963544975; (34) 943544949

Pharmacochemistry Laboratory

  Presentation & Laboratory Members
Group name

Synthesis and Isolation of Bioactive Compounds (SIBC)

Research topics
a) Synthesis of prenalated benzopyrans with affinity for nuclear receptors
b) Synthesis and Isolation of Dopaminergic Isoquinoline
c) Antitumor Acetogenins and Natural Insecticides
d) Qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites by UHPLC-MS / MS

Laboratory Composition
  - Diego Cortes. Research professor. Catedrático.

  - Nuria Cabedo. INCLIVA - Contrato Miguel Servet. Associate Professor.

  - Laura Vila. INCLIVA. Advanced technician.

  - Carlos Villaroel. PhD student.

  - Ainhoa García. PhD student.

  - Álvaro Bernabeu. PhD student.

Collaborating Professors and Researchers

  - María Jesús Sanz. Catedrática. Facultad de Medicina.

  - Almudena Bermejo. Centro Citricultura Producción Vegetal, Moncada.

Group Presentation

Our research group has been dedicated since its origins to the preparation of new bioactive molecules, obtained both from natural sources and through organic synthesis. In some cases, the structure of new active secondary metabolites (MSAs), isolated from tropical plants, have allowed us to design synthetic routes in order to improve and make their pharmacological actions more selective. In other cases, we have focused on the study of the structure-activity relationship of active molecules against a specific target.
The research carried out by our group has been funded by various projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Valencian Ministry of Culture and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Laura, Carlos, Nuria, Ainhoa, Álvaro and Diego
(The laboratory in times of the Coronavirus, Valencia – May 2020)

Nuria, Adriana (Tucumán) Diego and Laura
(Laboratory Burjassot – April 2019)