Pharmacochemistry Laboratory

  Company-Funded Research Projects (2000-2014)
Company-Funded Research Projects (2000-2014)
  Determinación de la afinidad por los receptores dopaminérgicos.
  Universitat Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)
  Responsable: Avelino Corma Canós
  5.000 euros / año
  Investigador Principal: Prof. Diego Cortes
  Síntesis de moléculas bioactivas
  Valentia Biopharma – Valencia
  Responsable: Mª Carmen Álvarez (
  10.000 euros / año
  Investigador Principal: Prof. Diego Cortes
  Semisíntesis de Estiril-Lactonas Antitumorales
  Laboratorios Servier (Francia)
  50.000 euros / año
  Investigador Principal: Prof. Diego Cortes
  Aislamiento de acetogeninas
  Fundación Medina - Granada
  10.000 euros / año
  Investigador Principal: Prof. Diego Cortes
  2005 y 2008-2009
  Preparación de moléculas naturales bioactivas
  Merck, Sharp & Dohme - Madrid
  20.000 euros / año
  Investigador Principal: Prof. Diego Cortes
  I. García, A. López, M. C. Álvarez, J. R. Tormo, M. Pérez y D. Cortes
  Phenanthrene derivatives for use as Medicaments
  N. de solicitud: EP12197087.5 Fecha de prioridad: 13 Diciembre 2012
  Entidad titular: Universitat de Valencia y Valentia Biopharma
  Empresa que la está explotando: Valentia Biopharma
  D. Cortes, N. Cabedo, I. Andreu, A. Bermejo, G. Atassi, A. Pierré, D. H. Caignard y P. Renard
  Nouveaux dérivés d’isoquinoléines, leur procedé de préparation et les compositions pharmaceutiques qui les contiennent
  Nº 25767 nº P2000/000185 - 28 Enero 2000
  Universidad de Valencia - Laboratorios SERVIER, ADIR & Cia
Contacts with the Industry
Departamento de Farmacología
Prof. Diego M. Cortes Martínez
Laboratorio de Farmacoquímica
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Our research group is located in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Valencia, and our Pharmacochemistry Laboratory is framed within this University’s Department of Pharmacology. We are an academic laboratory with industrial vocation. In recent years, we have carried out several projects with pharmaceutical and agroalimentary companies. The aim of our projects was to prepare new compounds by the extraction and purification of active principles from plants or by the synthesis of molecules of therapeutic interest.

At the present time, we intend to consolidate our industrial projects, which is the reason why we wish to offer you the possibility of preparing a common project based on some of our working lines:

1. Síntesis de nuevos productos de interés industrial.

2. Aislamiento de principios activos a partir de fuentes naturales.

3. Control analítico de materias primas o de productos finales

Our objective is to offer a personalized service according to your needs and to also provide you with the results in a short time at a genuinely competitive cost. We place at your disposal our many years experience in scientific research, our dynamism and the international nature of our laboratory. Your company’s success is our success. Therefore, we are available for any supplementary information.


Diego Cortes

Laboratory Director